Bringing your Facebook back from the dead

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Spending hours planning, taking pictures, writing, tagging and getting tired of not getting any likes, mentions, views or shares to your Facebook posts.

Chances are you have suffered the fate of the Facebook Algorithm and this is what your Organic Facebook audience reach looks like……..

facebook chart That’s right you’ve only reached 6% of your audience. The Facebook algorithm has almost 100 weight factors to take into consideration each post.

Did you know the Facebook algorithm gives preference to sponsored and advertising content and media publishers and noteworthy news that is popular credible and relevant. Why? Advertising has changed the Facebook game and Facebook is cashing in big time.

Ever since advertising was first introduced to Facebook you would have noticed your organic audience being diluted.

Yes, the reality is Facebook is a paid social media platform, with the emphasis being on the media and less on social interaction. The rise of Facebook as an advertising and communication platform has meant Facebook has reaped the rewards. Facebook wants to be regarded as credible news source amongst its readership. It’s impossible to compete with the quality and volume of content that is produced by media publishers.

Here are a few simple tricks to get you noticed or liked more:

  1. optimise your posts with engaging content
  2. target popular topics you see in the news feed
  3. get access your audience data in Facebook or Google Analytics

So how can we get to our audience?  Getting more out of your Facebook audience requires some insightful and engaging in meaningful posts. If your content is not interesting timely and funny then go back to the drawing board. TIP – Engaging Content


Nutellas social marketing team have done a wonderful job to keep people engaged featuring a single product. The secret to their success is bringing life to the product with many incidental touch points we relate to in everyday life, like humour, recipes, eating, and other brands. In its simplicity they’ve referenced the marketing quadrant with every post and mixed the medium up with some stills, video and interactive posts. You’d need only look at the comments as proof of their engagement rates. Give me a reason why you wouldn’t buy Nutella after seeing what they do. It’s very believable no matter what angle you look at it.  Good job Nutella. Also check out Star Bucks Facebook feed for more examples.

Before you put pen to paper so to speak you must look at data available in your Facebook audience to see what interests the audience in the first place. TIP – Audience Insight. Have a good look at this, as you’ll need to breakdown the interest bands created by facebook to get to the stuff you’ll need. Facebook standard interest classifications are very broad so it requires reading between the lines to extract exactly what you need. Know where to find this data? Ask facebook questions about your audience. TIP- Simply type in Facebook graph search window Interests liked by people who like <insert Page Name>”

In order to see the right data you have to be running facebook ads otherwise facebook will not provide this data for free…damn. Let’s assume you’ve run a few ads in the past. TIP – you’ll find the audience data see screenshot below.

My experience is that most companies and marketers using social media are not taking advantage of the audience data available to them there are a number of measurements that are available to you via the Facebook audience insight and also Google analytics.

facebook audience

Google Analytics and Google Console is an untapped source of information about all your online activity. It’s definitely my favourite platform to get the most out of your online performance. Set up the right way with automated reports you can save yourself a lot of time and money, not to mention how to get better conversion rates by having the right data to look at in the first place.

Webcetera is currently offering FREE set up automated reporting in Google Analytics, so you can see the relevant information about your audience. Speak to one of our experts via our support centre or email

How to find social audience data in Google Analytics?

To access the social insight data go to “ACQUISITION” located on the left hand side columns and scroll down and click “NETWORK REFERRALS”

Once you hit that page click on the “SECONDARY DIMENSION and then click “USERS”.

google analytics

Targeting the right topics in your news feed once you have found what your audience is interested in will set you on the right path to better, more engaging, funny, informative and interesting posts. See how you can bring a post to life with all this in mind.

For more info on how to get more likes from one of our team of experts

Ask the audience…This week’s question

What’s engagement? What’s your definition of engagement? (please share it…)

My definition of engagement is posting content that is entertaining, arousing, insightful and funny and it is measured by the number of clicks, views, comments or shares.  Humouring your audience with inspiring and everyday issues will get you some good eyes and ears on your posts.   Have a great day!

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